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Paul Woods

Paul Woods

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Posted by on in The Fin

Volume 7, Issue 26
January 1, 2018

Our Mission

Safety. Security. Trust
The foundation on which we do business. At Feldbruegge Insurance we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, by providing high-quality service at an affordable price.

Our Purpose

It is our goal to obtain a thorough understanding of your insurance needs in order to create a customized policy with reliable coverage.


Are you looking for a higher rate of return?

Our annuity rates range from 1.45%-1.85% guaranteed.*

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Tornado Awareness

Wisconsin Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness week is the week of April 8th through the 12th.

Tornadoes are relatively short-lived localized storms.  They are composed of violently rotating columns of air that descend in the familiar funnel shape from thunderstorm clouds. 

The weather conditions that tend to generate tornadoes are unseasonably warm and humid earth surface air, cold air at middle atmospheric levels, and strong upper-level jet stream winds.     

The destructive path of a tornado averages about 250 yards in width and 15 miles in length.  In extreme

conditions, a tornado may travel more than 300 miles and leave a path of total destruction more than a mile wide.  Tornadoes will travel up to 60 mph, with wind speeds approaching 400 mph within the tornado’s center.

Signs and Warnings

Tornadoes develop during severe thunderstorms, and while not all thunderstorms create tornadoes, the potential is there.  During violent weather, keep tuned to local television or radio station for tornado reports.

If you are outside and see a funnel-shaped cloud with obvious rotating motion, it may be a tornado.  As a

tornado develops, it will produce a loud roar that grows louder  as the funnel cloud touches the ground.  When close by, a tornado has a loud sound comparable to the combined roars of several jet engines.

The National Severe Storms Forecast Center in Kansas City, Missouri issues tornado watches.  Local National Weather Service offices issue tornado warnings.  Local officials may sound sirens in a tornado warning.

A tornado watch indicates that conditions are right for a tornado to develop and the sky should be watched.

A tornado warning indicates a tornado has been sighted or is spotted on radar.  Warnings will give the location of the tornado and the area immediately affected by the warning.

Immediate and Long Term Dangers

The immediate threat from tornadoes is danger to life and damage to property from violently whirling winds and debris hurled through the air by winds.

Long-term risks include the possibility of building collapse, fallen trees and power lines, broken gas lines, broken sewer and water mains, and the outbreak of fires.  Agricultural crops and industries may be damaged or destroyed.


The best preparation for a tornado is to designate a safe place in or around your home as a tornado

shelter.  Tornado shelters are safest if they are under ground.  A storm cellar or basement away from windows offers the best protection.

Other ways you can prepare prior to the storm season is to review your home, farm or renters policy and make sure you are insured on a replacement cost basis. 

If you are a crop farmer, purchase your crop hail insurance prior to the cutoff dates in the spring and in the fall.  If you are a dairy farmer, make sure your cattle are insured.

For the worst case scenario, it is a good time to pull out your life insurance policy and see if it is up to date with the face value amount. Do you need to add any riders for your children or insure them on their own policy(s)?  Are your beneficiary designations up to date? 

If you would like us to give you a quote or if you have any questions about any of the insurance products mentioned, call us, (715) 223-6566 or Email us.

Let Us Know …

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Three names will be picked every quarter.  Each winner will receive a $30.00 Abby-Colby Chamber of Commerce gift certificate.

To be entered in the contest, make sure the person you refer to us mentions your name.

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Please call me if you would like an insurance review of your current policies.


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Posted by on in Homeowners/Renters Insurance

A service of Affiliated Insurance Agencies of WI, LLC and the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

Homeowners and renters alike benefit from keeping an up-to-date list of their property's inventory. Insureds should create and then periodically update such a list to protect themselves in the event of a loss. Having an updated inventory list is essential to ensuring that you carry a sufficient amount of homeowners' or renters' insurance coverage. It can also make a difference in how efficiently your claim is processed in the event of a loss.

One factor that varies widely by policy is how much of what an insured currently owns will be reimbursed. If you aren't sure what your policy covers, contact your insurance agent. Additionally, the property of college students living outside their parents' home in off-campus housing is often not covered on a homeowners' policy, so consumers should consult with their agents about whether they need renters' insurance to cover their collegiate children's belongings.

Some essential items to include in a home inventory are electronics, like computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and televisions; clothing and accessories; housewares and other home appliances, including kitchen appliances and sporting and other hobby-related equipment; and other valuables (jewelry, art work, collectibles, etc.), some of which may require an addition (known as a "rider" or "floater") to a standard policy. A home inventory list is also a good way to keep a record of important documents, including birth certificates, passports, social security cards, etc. Keep track of account numbers and any other information you may need in the event of an emergency.

Many technology-based resources now exist to ease the burden of this vital task. Thanks to smartphones, it's easier than ever to narrate a video and/or take still photos of the interior of your home to accompany your inventory list. Once the list has been created, it should be updated regularly, and updating it should take less time than creating it did. Here are a few of the resources that exist to help you create a home inventory of your own:

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)'s app – This free smartphone app is available for Android and iPhone devices and enables consumers to make lists of their valuables, update said lists, and provide easy access to lists after a disaster. Using the app, consumers can store photographs/videos, descriptions, bar codes, and serial numbers of their valuables, and all the information can be organized by room. For people who don't use smartphones, the NAIC also offers a downloadable checklist that can be used to create a home inventory list. Both can be found at http://home.insureuonline.org.

Insurance Information Institute's (III) Inventory app – This free smartphone app is available for Android and iPhone devices and enables consumers to add rooms, items, and photos or videos. It also synchronizes with Web-based software and can therefore be used anywhere via smartphone or computer. For people who don't use smartphones, the III also offers a printable list, which is sorted by room and is a good way to start thinking about what needs to be inventoried, whether you use this list alone or in conjunction with one of the many available home inventory apps. The printable list can be found at http://www.knowyourstuff.org.

Affiliated Insurance Agencies of WI LLC is a member of the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

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